GHW can utilize international trust law
and finance sovereign guarantees through their partners
in order to finance projects on a multi-national level.

  •         Roads

  •         Hospitals

  •         New City Development

  •         Housing

  •         Toll Road Infrastructure Technology

  •         Schools

  •         Any Other Humanitarian Development

Our goal at GHW Myriad is to provide a means to create jobs and development for less fortunate and poverty-stricken areas and people of the world in order to offer better lifestyles and employment.

We are a humanitarian organization and will take on most any project that leads to the betterment of all societies with a need.

Our Vision

With years of engineering and road building experience, GHW Myriad International Consulting Group began operating in 2015 in the USA, introducing SOIL FUSION™ to the masses.

Globally, there is an inherent need for a long-lasting road building product that is easy to use and install, is not harmful to the environment, and is budget-friendly.

We have succeeded on all of these fronts and bring this revolutionary product to you at a cost for any budget.

In response to a growing global need, SOIL FUSION™ strives to solve many of today’s infrastructure and environmental problems. To offer all communities and governments our sustainable road building products.

We strive to achieve efficiency in state’s budgets through use of SOIL FUSION™, to add local value to local economies, and to the people who depend on local markets for their livelihood.

To do this with no harm to the environment and using local tools and people, providing opportunity and growth for all parties involved.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us for your funding, design, and engineering needs
for any infrastructure project anywhere in the world.

We look forward to assisting you in making the world a better place with equal means to all humankind.

Email: contact (at)